Traditional Belt -
No binding stitch is required.  Please stitch an extra row
top and bottom of the design area.   Supply the waist size
or belt size.  Request the leather color.  Request brass or
silver tone buckle.  

Buckle, Tip and Keeper Sets -
can be added to your traditional belt for a distinctive
look.  We have several styles available – See our Belt
Finishing Page at

Leather D-Ring -
1” of leather is added to the D-Ring end of the belt and
7”  to the billet end.  We require 3 to 4 inches less
needlepoint than the waist size.  Please request a Leather
D-Ring Belt.  Supply the waist measurement.  Request the
leather color.

D-Ring Slide -
The entire piece of needlepoint will be leathered and
then turned back through the rings to fasten.   If the belt
is outgrown, it can easily be remade into a traditional
style.   Please request a D-Ring Slide  Supply the waist
size.   Request the leather color.

Grommet Belt -
With this finishing style, the entire piece of needlepoint
will be leathered and five grommets will be inserted into
the needlepoint. Request a Grommet Belt - supply or
order the buckle.  Supply the waist size or belt size.  
Request the leather color.  

Grommet Belt With Buckle, Tip and Keeper Set -
Needlepoint shows off well with the buckle sets.  See
our  Buckle sets on the web at  www.voilaneedlepoint.

Slide Belt -
Stitch 6 more inches than the waist size.  We carry a
large selection of slide buckles.  See the website for
some other slide buckles.  This one is called bamboo.  It
is available in gold, silver, or pewter finish.

Keeper Sets for Slide -
These leather keeper sets are also a new way of finishing
a slide belt.  They come in red, turquoise, brown, purple,
black and orange croc and pink, orange and lime green

O-Ring -
This style has leather tabs on either side of the O-Ring.  
There are several snaps  to adjust the size.

Military Buckle Slides
This is our newly introduced finishing style.  It is a great
look for men - shows all of the needlepoint - an is truly
adjustable for children to grow into.  The needlepoint is
backed with webbing.  The needlepoint should be at least
7 inches more than the waist size (that is 5 inches more
than the belt size).

Leather Fringe & Ribbon Tie -
Supply the waist size. The needlepoint should be less than
the waist size to fit properly.  
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